Monday, April 9, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Never Kill a Boy On the First Date

Xander, please don't speak anymore ever.

The show tries a different tack this week...when the world isn't in immediate danger, and she's actually got a little downtime to maybe go out with somebody.  Who is that somebody?  Owen.  A new character who pops out of nowhere for an episode.  Owen, no offense, but I don't love your chances of making it out of this episode alive.

But every good (slightly boring) thing has to come to an end, and that's when the Master decides to create the Anointed One, a vampire that is prophecized to blah blah blah something evil.  (BTW, thank God the Master's back -- the camp levels on this show were getting dangerously low.)  Which means that Buffy has to take her beau along with her on a slaying mission.

This will end well.

What I Like:

As much as I don't love Owen, it's interesting that this is the first time we really see Buffy have to protect her secret identity.  Yeah, she has to lie to her mom, but this on a whole other level.  Here she has to neutralize the vampire threat, protect Owen, and at the same time not let him see her in action.  It's a lot, and it's fun to watch.

I'm so proud of the Buffster for doing the mature things and turning down Owen.  Anyone who just wants to go to sketchy bars and pick fights with bikers is a loose cannon, and that's not someone you want in your Scooby Gang when you're the Slayer.

I love the conversation between Giles and Buffy at the end, if only because it shows how they're growing to understand each other and there's a strong bond developing between them.

Things I Don't Like:

I find Owen kind of bland.  I think Buffy can do better. Their date confirms my opinion.  He is talking about Emily Dickinson on a date.  I can't stand reading Emily Dickinson, let along listening to people talk about her.

Random Musings:

  • I love Giles critiquing Buffy's slaying techniques.  It's so delightfully Giles.

  • I'm really hoping they're not planning on turning that creepy religious zealot into a vampire.  The only thing worse than a creepy religious zealot who never shuts up is a creepy religious zealot who never shuts up and can't die.

  • Love Xander and Willow showing up at the Bronze trying to convince Buffy to go on a double date to the funeral home.

  • OMG OMG is that a creepy evil little kid I love creepy evil little kids!!  I hope it dies horribly!

Verdict: 6 Stakes Out of 10

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