Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: What's My Line, Part I

Spike has a plan to recharge Drusilla's batteries, and Phase One of said plan involves getting Buffy out of the action, by way of supernatural hitmen the Order of Taraka.

At school, the gang is forced to take those obnoxious career aptitude tests, which serves as a reminder to Buffy of how her life has already been planned out for her.  I don't know why Buffy is so surprised that her career test told her she should go into law enforcement.  Isn't that pretty much what she does now?  Except with vampires and no workmen's comp?

Meanwhile, the assassins are coming out of the woodwork and gunning for Buffy, as Spike is working to restore Drusilla to full strength with some voodoo spell.  After Buffy is attacked by one of the hit men (hit vampires?), Angel goes to Willy for information.  Willy is this weird little nebbish guy with a New York accent who is apparently the local snitch even though we've never seen or heard of him before this episode.  Odd.  Anyway, Willy confirms that Spike is behind the mischief.  But before Angel can report back to the Scoobies with this new intel...



Yup, there is another vampire slayer.  Which makes sense, seeing as Buffy did die and all.  Unfortunately, she thinks that Angel is a bad vampire (easy to make that mistake), and locks him up in a cage with eastern exposure.  Which will kill him.  Rut roh.

Things I Like:

A major software company is trying to recruit Willow and Oz lol of course they are, they're awesome.  I appreciate the ginger solidarity with these two.  Also, this:


OMG the only thing worse than door to door salesmen?  Door to door salesmen who turn into thousands of bugs.  Dear sweet Jesus that's a horrifying image.  Well done, team.

The scene where Willow has fallen asleep in the library and Giles wakes her up is really sweet.  People always talk about the relationship between Buffy and Giles, but overlook Willow and Giles.  They're kindred spirits, and I think their bond is nearly as strong as Slayer/Watcher.

I think the idea of another vampire slayer is brilliant.  Any chance to explore the mythology of the vampire slayer is ok by me, and it's cool that Kendra inhabits her role as slayer in such a different way than what we're used to with Buffy.

Things I Don't Like:

Official Cheesiest Sequence on Buffy:  Buffy skating around the rink with elevator music and really cheap looking lighting.

I know this is well covered territory but my God Kendra's accent is heinous!  I know production didn't give her enough time to prepare, but anything would have been better than that.


This is a great episode.  The stakes (no pun intended) are nice and high, we've got significant ick factor with Bug Man, and an interesting, game-changing character in Kendra.  The only real letdown is that damn accent, but I can overlook it because the rest of the episode is so good.  And yay for further Willow/Oz interactions.  They are awesome!

8 Stakes Out of 10

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